Why Apex-Tek..

Expert advice

we have three teams of professionals who specialise in their own division, whether audio & visual, electrical &
data or smart automation we have an expert ready to provide you with a full range of integrational services from audio systems to smart building controls and more..

Partners info

All our brands that we use guarantee quality, reliability & user confidence. With like, Rako, Philips professional, Hager, MK, cisco, ubquiti to name a few…


we are a Cardiff based company with regional Install & sales teams providing coverage all the UK. With great connection with European and international links, This enables us to support clients of all sizes and backgrounds.

In house support

Starting from our intial site survey, consultations and designs, to the project management, installation and after-care support. You can be assured that your case will always be handled by one of our team, giving you the confidence that each one will be delivered on-time and in-budget!.


Installation work that entails the installation of electric wiring and electrical equipment. A part of the specialized construction work that is performed during the erection or reconstruction of buildings or structures that need electric.

Electrical components and equipment are prone to Issues that we know can kill, injure and cause property destruction if not maintained properly!.

Most accidents happen because workers have not been adequately trained, are being poorly supervised, or because the risks of the work has not been properly assessed.

Generally Proper training is required to troubleshoot, repair and maintain systems and equipment that supplies electricity to any domestic, industrial and commercial buildings.

One of the best pieces of advice you can take from this is to hire one of our expert engineers to conduct a periodic inspection that will insure all your electrical installations at your home or office are safe to current regulations.

Electrical Design services

Whether you need an electrical design consultant to work on a design assist basis, offering guidance on proposals, or a full mechanical/electrical design build service, we have the flexibility to meet your requirements.

Apex electrical & data contractors work as project managers and fulfil the role of installation contractors.

Our knowledgeable team of electrical design engineers, aided by the latest CAD technologies and innovative project management methodologies, can provide cost-effective solutions for a wide range of industrial and commercial electrical systems.

Testing & inspecting

Here at Apex we have our own designated team of electrical inspectors and testing specialists whom can provide all variants of testing and inspecting across all Domestic, Commercial and Industrial services nationally.

Landlord certificate, periodic & initial testing,

Fire & Security

Keeping your property protected & secure is at the forte of our business, we can design many types of security systems from manual to automated controlled including services like, access systems, CCTV monitoring, intruder alarms, Security lighting & more..

smoke alarms, fire detection systems are just some of the essential components every public or home space, office or warehouse need. We can supply & Install high quality reliable equipment that is user friendly and can be easily tested by user or professional installer.

Emergency lighting

Ensuring the safety lighting is provided promptly, automatically and for a suitable time, in a specified area when the normal mains power supply to the usual lighting installation fails.

The overall objective of emergency lighting is to enable safe exit from a location and/or building in the event of failure of the mains’ normal supply, There are many types of emergency lighting such as escape route lighting, open area (anti-panic) and high risk task area.

In most cases a combination of different types of emergency lighting is needed in most industrial & commercial buildings followed with the up-to-date risk assessments that should be carried out to identify areas and locations which will require emergency lighting and the type of installation needed.

Electrical Appliance testing  ( PAT )

All Electrical appliances are tested using fully knowledgeable city & guilds engineers with  top of the range calibrated test equipment. We offer testing across all commercial, domestic & industrial platforms for the safe use of electrical equipment.

our guaranteed promise

  • Open Every Plug Top
  • Check Every Fuse
  • Tighten Every Screw Terminal
  • Tighten Every Clamp
  • Check Every Cord
  • Test Continuity Of The Protective Earth
  • Test Insulation & Leakage
  • Record All Results Including Test Result Values Digitally
  • Email Results Within 12 Hours of Full Payment Being Received
Useful information:

Your Building, Employers and Public Liability Insurance may be invalid as many insurance companies now have the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 as part of their policy wording, to which Testing is part of, if found in breach of Health & Safety due to negligence your insurance may only cover court costs and will not cover HSE fines.

The Electricity at Work Regulations also place a legal responsibility on employers and self employed persons to take reasonable practical steps to ensure no danger results from the use of any electrical appliances.

Mobile & Temporary Power Solutions

Temporary power, or mobile power solutions are available. Whether your renovating and need temporary power or your planning an event and need mobile power, this is no problem for us at Apex.

Generators, lighting towers, cables & distributors, UPS & loadbanks.

Green energy & Solar PV systems.
Are you planning on making some big decreases in your bills? Or want to make a difference to the global climate change?, we have many green energy services we can supply, from heat source, to solar power systems and every energy saving electrical components & systems.
Electronic Access systems

Access controls, including IP and standalone are just some of the door entry services we can provide along with locking devices, egress controls and power transfer devices.

These systems can be remotely controlled or by Smart phone, Fob & Key card.

We deal direct with manufactures that can pre-design a system with ourselves to suit your needs perfectly whether that be RFID or software management.

Brown & White Goods Repairs ( Appliance Repairs )

Has one of your workplace or household appliances become faulty? We have dedicated electrical engineers who deal with all appliance repairs from AV equipment, to washing machines, cookers and more!.

We offer a special service for our appliance service, we come out to take a look at your appliance and give you a fault diagnoses breakdown.

We will then give you a repair quote minus an initial callout charge, if your happy with the quote we will conduct the repair in the quickest most convenient way possible!. If for any reason you don’t want to go ahead with repair this is only then we charge the callout for your area.

The callout fee is explained before first visit, if an appliance is economically not worth repairing we can at your request find an alternative like for like or to your requirements obtain a NEW product from one of our wholesalers, that come with standard manufacturing guarantees.

Emergency Call Out Service 24/7

Around the clock 24hours a day 7 days a week we have electrical engineers on shift rotation, reassuring that help is quickly available should an emergency arise.

During or Out of working hours call our service line selecting the emergency out of hours option.


Network Design

Before implementing the network that is designed using a selection of specifications dependent on the needs of the network being installed, it will be designed, evaluated and scoped by our best engineers.

The network will usually be projected as a blueprint via a diagram before being installed so there is a full visual and understanding of the network project. We can include a number of aspects into the design process such as security, cabling structure, IP address structure and location.

Network connectivity

We offer connectivity services for all scale business’s which provide the capacity, security and scalability to grow alongside you and safeguarding your business communication with the outside world.

An infrastructure would be created bespoke around the needs of the business and its environments giving you the best possible network.

WIFI solutions

Here at APEX-TEK we offer high quality Wi-Fi solutions for all types of businesses from hospitality venues, through to offices and places of learning.

Our specialist engineers can advise, solve and create WiFi options and solutions to ensure highest capability in in to the premises based on number of users, size of venue and types of devices.

Network installations

Our engineers have years of experience and knowledge in the network sector and can advise and/or design a network package that would provide the highest capacity and quality for all aspects of the business or environment on a bespoke basis.

There are numerous types that we can implement such as indoor & outdoor wired, WIFI & wireless LAN data, voice and network security system and more.

Data cable services

The type of cable can have a huge impact on your quality and output when using data, therefore understanding the capability and compatibility is key when aiming to achieve its highest performance.

We can provide numerous different types of data cabling including fiber optic, copper, coaxial, token ring, serial and many more. We have experts at hand to advise and recommend the best cables to use.

Network monitoring

Network monitoring is a huge gain in any environment looking to uphold peak performance of their network.

We can incorporate a network management system to constantly monitor the speed and quality of your network and to notify the allocated administrator of any faults or outages due to failing components or slow speed.

Our engineers will always recommend the best system suited to the environment or business in order to achieve top performance.


Apex-Tek can design and implement the best telephony solution for your needs from a simple but feature full communications system.. to the most modern IP telephone system combining remote workers with the help of productivity-enhancing software.

A unified communications solution combines numerous features such as: E-mail, instant messaging, Applications with communications devices, Telephony (wired and wireless), Voice messaging, Audio, video, and Web conferencing.- Meaning a user can switch from their mobile to their desk phone, or click to call a chosen person direct through an e-mail. Unified communication works irrespective of device or location, all giving access to the same directories.

Network security

Network security is a necessity to any environment or business that is handling any sensitive or personal information and needs to be selective of access.

We implement the activity to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data. It includes both hardware and software technologies. We pride ourselves on providing the best secure and intelligent network security possible.

Fault Finding

Here at APEX-TEK we love a challenge and offer a service to locate and resolve any issues and malfunctions on your equipment, device or network.

Our success rate is undeniable and we promise to solve anything you can’t or don’t have time to. During this service we can offer advise and ways to prevent issues or upgrades if applicable.

Wi-Fi Site Survey

We offer the WIFI Site Survey service to work alongside the process of planning and designing your wireless network.

Our quality team will provide a wireless solution that will deliver the required wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability and Quality of Service (QoS).